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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Respect the living food ecosystem. Cook from scratch. Cook with wholefoods, natural, non GMO plants. Cook with animals raised only in their natural habitats and natural feeds. Buy local, seasonal or work with small family farms. Make flavors matter. Waste little, recycle and compost.

Life Moves


“I was finding it difficult to think about what to eat and what is considered "healthy" on a daily basis. Food Folk offered a flexible meal plan at an accessible price point.

Understanding that everyone has a different diet preference, excellent customer service and convenient delivery time is a strong point
of the company.
After many many many different trials of meal plan services, Food Folk was the only one able to cater to my diet preference, provide
clean ingredients and made delicious meals (without having to feel like I am eating the same thing everyday) throughout the experience! ”
Diana Duprat, Marketing Manager
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